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ataraxia 02:25
LYRICS: White knuckling this curve And it won't stop And it just can't stop Gravity kicking in So sick from the spins Palm sweat and nervous breath The egg shell walk is all I know It all rides on this Threatening to come apart At the seems What is calm When is calm Nothing is calm Nothing is bright This edge, where I live now This wedge, what I drive now Navigating curves somehow
LYRICS: These hours pass like months This all over again Why is this being done? Helping me with what? This drawn out drivel poured out of useless pots In the negatives every day nihilism is my new home Let go of the wheel I'm jack's go fuck yourself What is the black? I see a red door and I want to slit my throat Not this again I'd rather choke Let the synapses fire Give me all the endorphins (Mask this pain) I'm sick of being sick (Mask this pain) So sick of being sick Drown me in fire These straights are dire Definition insane A ranting of the mad Repeated sighs Comfortable with the lies Nihilism is home Nihilism has grown
J.A.D.E.D. 01:40
LYRICS: I believe time heals nothing an irreversible mess I thought it was right Now I beg for cauterized wounds When the blood won't stop. I'm grinning and bearing Laying myself to rest An irreversible mess x2 They say time heals everything When does that time come? Awaiting the bottom's drop Where does it go from this point? I've put my time in and what's the point? Counting down and leading up I'm lost I'm last I'm breathing dust Getting lapped, just not caring Head Hitting wall again Just Another Dead End Dummy
LYRICS: If I don't return Roots binding closely This is brotherhood The call goes out Become what you should be Become what you say Don't become what they say you are Don't leave the shadow of the mountain Your next of kin Rock solid What will break you? We will break them all Stand like a mountain Become the mountain Never fall We are them all
in paradise 03:07
LYRICS: Subversive guidance Misguided measures Just another one of those days in paradise Think twice And sink deeper Wallowing Swallowing Dalliance in the den of death Depths of depression Drifting and drifting At a loss Thinking twice And they lead me Thinking twice And I lead them Sinking, thinking A constant reminder All will be lost One with Lazarus In the tomb of Lazarus One with Lazarus Down with my demons I live with my demons I thrive with my demons I don't care who sees them Driven by demons I do need my demons One with my demons I am who leads them Alone with my demons I become my demons Lost without feeling They leave me kneeling No mercy with demons Relentless and greedy I need my demons We all need our demons



engineered, mixed and mastered by:
Collin Young @ B. Town Sound in Burlington, Ontario, Canada

written and performed by:
Michael Kopko - vocals
Danny Panzini - guitar
Matt Laplante - guitar / vocals
Jules Parris - bass
xdarrenx - drums

guest vocals on "J.A.D.E.D." by:
Kirsten White of Lilim

thanks go out to:
Nihilism itself.


released July 1, 2017


all rights reserved



HARANGUE Toronto, Ontario

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